This is my first time really using any linux distro. Ive installed backtrack 4 as a persistent install onto a 16gb thumb drive. Everything works fine, but i have no network interfaces.

After searching these forums and the internet, i found some tutorials on how to install my card, which is a intel pro 3945abg. All the tutorials say its built into backtrack 4, and to install it i just browse to usr/src/drivers/ipw3945. However this is where i run into issues, there is no such directory as usr/src/drivers. I can get to usr/src, but under this i only have linux, and then two more linux-source- (i cant remember rest of the names), either way there is no drivers folder.

Basically im trying to figure out why this folder would be gone, when in every tutorial ive read says to go to that path.

Any help?