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    Im currently trying to write a program that resolves all the IPs from any links on a website.
    I've got this to work on most sites

    However on some sites some urls occur which will not resolve eg. '+link1+'

    and my program throws out the error: (when using socket.gethostbyname(url)

    socket.gaierror: (-5, 'No address associated with hostname')

    I've had a look around but cannot seem to find a way to make the program skip the url if it throws up this error.

    Can anyone give me some pointers / advice?


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    Default Re: Python Help

    Seems like this has already been done (if I understand your post correctly).

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    Default Re: Python Help

    yeah im sure it has been done before, however I'm doing the PWB course and was looking for pointers on how to write it myself =]

    i managed to figure it out however, just needed to use my loop in a combination with try: and

    except socket.gaierror:

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