hi hello everybody, im new to remote exploit,
and well today i was trying to connect to my own mobile phone
and i was following one of ur tutorials.
and it looks like i need the chanel to make the connection, but when
i use sdptool, as the tutorial the chanel is get is 0xf and not 0x7 or 0x1 or 0xsomething like a number, i dont get a number of the chanel,
as the following results:

This one was used on the tutorial, as you can see
the channel/Port here is 7.
UUID16 : 0x0003 - RFCOMM
Channel/Port (Integer) : 0x7
Data Sequence
UUID16 : 0x0008 - OBEX
Attribute Identifier : 0x5 - BrowseGroupList
Data Sequence
UUID16 : 0x1002 - PublicBrowseGroup
Attribute Identifier : 0x9 - BluetoothProfileDescriptorList
Data Sequence
Data Sequence
UUID16 : 0x1105 - OBEXObjectPush
Version (Integer) : 0x100
Attribute Identifier : 0x100
Data : 4f 62 6a 65 63 74 20 50 75 73 68 00 00
Attribute Identifier : 0x303
Data Sequence
Integer : 0x1
Integer : 0x3
Integer : 0x5
Integer : 0xff

But when i use sdptool to scan my bluetooth on the chanel i get this:
Channel/Port (Integer) : 0xf
But f is not a number! how can i get the Chanel to connect then?

i must use the following command
bluesnarfer -r 1-100 -C (chanel here) -b (ADRESS)

so what do i put in chanel?

I hope to get an answer soon =/