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Thread: Best PDF Password Cracker?

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    Just had a quick google myself and guapdf appears to have CUDA GPU support (40-bit keys only), although the website seems to have DNS issues at the moment. Might be worth a look?
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    I've used Elcomsoft for NTLM cracking. They have a program for PDF with GPU acceleration:
    Advanced PDF Password Recovery : Recover PDF passwords and instantly unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF documents


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    Hey, quite an interesting topic here. When considering to find "the best" PDF password cracker, did you take into account that other operating systems exist? As for Win*-Systems I really can recommend the ElcomSoft APDFPR (as mentioned by williamc).

    But how about Linux? I haven´t found a tool for this OS that nearly reaches the speed of APDFPR (yet).
    If you discovered a program that is cross-platform compatible, please let us know.


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