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Thread: ISP issues when pen testing

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    posted in the wrong place !

    moved to pen testing

    I have a works provided connection via IMS ( uk business ISP) and i have been running open VAS against an number of our external IP addresses.

    i know that some IP addresses host services that are publicly available, but when i scan for them they don't appear in the report. Also a scan with nessus wont find them from my connection.A targeted connection or nmap scan finds them.

    if i connect physically to the network on the external connection 1 hop from the firewall and do the scan the service is found, or target the plug ins and ports from openvas from my connection it's found as well.

    The unidentified service varies on the numbers of IP address im scanning, so it looks like something is hitting a threshold and dropping the packets

    Contacted the isp and explained the issue, and they have confirmed that there is no packet filters,ids/ips etc on my connection.But to me it looks like it is something they are doing.

    i have sent them packet captures from my machine and a capture from the switch the firewall is on which shows i send but its not received.BT have also captured the trafick from my ip and again the scans not showing ive even tried to scan another device connected to a home connection and check the route to ensure it says within their network!

    we are paying a premium for the connection to be able to do unfiltered scans. any ideas on how i can prove where that packets are being stopped ?

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    I did try to delete the post in the other section but couldn’t find a way to do it. I thought I had deleted the text and just left the moved text.

    Apologies for this

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