In the next day or so I will be unveiling the forums new video ONLY section. This was made possible by a combined effort from myself, balding_parrot and Lincoln. There will be some strict moderation on this new section in order to keep it neat, keep it free of spam and otherwise useless posts and comments. The Section is split into subgroups such as bt4, bt3, offical and misc. Most of these videos are already in the tutorials section but I have linked to the proper post since some of the threads are old and full of garbage. The way this new section will work is like this:

  • Members will be allowed to make comments or replies to the videos
  • Members will not be allowed to start new threads
  • Anything posted in the thread considered by us to be irrelevant will be deleted with out notice
  • If you have a video you would like to see posted the proper procedure will be to notify a admin by private message and your submission will be reviewed
  • If your video is not accepted for some reason you may still post it in the tutorials section, however, keep in mind if we do not accept it most likely it doesn't belong on this forum.

I hope this becomes a useful resource to every one. My goal for this section is to have a video for every tool in backtrack so come on guys lets get those recorders going so we can not only have the most ph33rsome pentest distro in the world , but also the most complete section of videos on how to use them.

If anyone is fuzzy or unclear on the rules in anyway please feel free to PM me and I will try to make them more clear so that even a caveman can understand.