Hey guys!

Ok so ill try to set the stage so you can see why this might have happened.. I installed Ubuntu, then vista...

I then felt the urge to install BT4 to my hard drive. Sense I set my swap way too big earlier, I just trimmed it down in half and put bt4 on an 8gb partition there.

Now my problem is this... the grub menu seems to be effected by the menu.list folder in the backtrack distro now, not my ubuntu distro. I have installed (or attempted to rather) a new kernel package on my ubuntu distro, but I can't get it to show period. I have tried doing update-grub on both distros, and only the Ubuntu has it listed. I have no idea what to do, and the ubuntu forums aren't being very helpful either..

Im not against hand coding parts of my menu.lst if thats the problem, but I don't know what Im even looking for.. Thanks in advance! If I left out any important information, please feel free to ask.