Hi all i am totally new
i am trying with WEP and i have succeeded long time ago.
Please follow me with these commands and tell me what is wrong:
for network interfaces list
ok now i am using Alfa AWUS036H so the interface should be wlan1
to put it on monitor mode and change mac address :
airmon-ng stop wlan1
ifconfig wlan1 down
macchanger --mac (fake) wlan1
airmon-ng start wlan1
here the problem starts after putting the adapter on monitor mode it says that it is on monitor mode on mon0 "new interface"
and i did my homework and searched the forum
the results were that BT4 did that and i should do injection within this new interface "mon0"
while using aireplay-ng with faked mac address within new interface "mon0"
it simply didnt accept that and shows that the entered mac address is not the working one
so now the new interface "mon0" have the adapter mac address not the faked one
help me with his
another question please , do i need to adjust alfa to work better for injection !

uhmmm that was a silly question
simply i had to down the new interface then change mac
ifconfig mon0 down
macchanger --mac (fake) mon0
ifconfig mon0 up
sorry again