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Thread: Install BackTrack 4 to Hard disk

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    Default Install BackTrack 4 to Hard disk

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    Dude, ur steps are so easy, my only prob is, im runnig WindowsServer03 on my virtualbox and booted it from CD/DVD BT4, now under Bt konsole, i typed ubiquity, and it said i need to install it, apt-get install ubiquity, and it reads some packages, builds dependency tree, saying done, etc... Till its asks a question that its gonna need 22.5 mb additional space and i confirm with a 'y'

    but it appears that it did not connect to forums of ubuntu to fetch updates, or so, while i already had a problem connecting my bt4 live cd to my wifi under vbox... So if i need to get those updates so i can install it and yet my bt4 aint connecting to wifi even after bridging my wifi card to my vbox NIC, what shall i do ?

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