I have read many many things on the net before trying to crack some WEP or WPA. VMWare version of BackTrack3 is not compatible with my chipset. So I had to use Live CD version of BackTrack3.

when i write down
my chipset and driver and device appears.
eth1 Broadcom bcm43xx
I can listen all wireless networks around. After I write
airodump-ng -w file --bssid 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -c x eth1
then begin to monitor the Mac adress. After some attempts to get a handshake by --deauth trials, I am not able to get handshake(s). I just wonder something. I can monitor, collect data; but can't get a handshake.

Should I try more to get a handshake, or just let it go cuz my hardware is not compatible???

I'm using a laptop Dell 6400 Inspiron with broadcom chipset wireless card.