I have decided to create a new thread - a follow up on the bruteforce attack thread. Hopefully this will give everyone a head start and develop from here.

PS I'm still a linux newb

Here is the video. Apologies if its too slow, you guys might want to fast forward a few bits

Here are the commands

I have only struggled with the meterpreter service installer, it installs fine but I can't run the test.rb script. If anyone else has success let me know. http://www.phreedom.org/software/metsvc/

Jobs I think need doing

(1) get the test.rb script working
(2) Meterpreter script to automate the uploading of wireless key viewer and meterpreter server -- on non transparency mode we have little time so it is essential that it's automated
(3) Scripts to start stop, redirect victims

Wireless key viewer was modified with a hex editor to bypass most av detection.
If anyone wants it and any other files I used then I will upload them somewhere.