Hello again everyone!!

I'm at it again, and this time, due to popular request, mainly by my friend beamen... I did an EXCELLENT QUALITY Korek chopchop video that everyone can enjoy!!! (I even fixed that damn fast frame rate that my first video is notorious for..but I forgot to make the fonts LARGE so you can see all the letters good!!)

So I'm giving remote-exploit.org's no0bies an up-to-date Video on how to crack WEP using the Korek chopchop method-=Xploitz=- STYLE!!"

Now in this video, what sets it apart from other videos, is the fact that I type in an explanation of EVERY command and why. This is NOT a video to show off how fast I can crack WEP. I explain all the steps, to make it easier for the average no0bie to learn...step by step. I hope you all enjoy it and learn something from it. Also, its nice and LEGIBLE unlike a lot of videos floating out there. So I hope you at least appreciate that one. Also..I captured this video with XVidCap.

Now...without further delay,.....heres the link.

BTW: If you use Firefox..please allow pop-ups to view this video. Again....I hope all my fans enjoy my video tutorial. Happy learning!!

To view online with full screen>>>>


To download on your HD>>>


I didn't install the aircrack 1.0 developmental version like I thought I did. I installed the damn trunk version of 0.9.1 So....you really need to install this developmental version of aircrack....
svn co http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/svn/branch/1.0-dev aircrack-ng
cd aircrack-ng
#and as usual
make install
But before you do that....please install balding_parrots Sql module because you need it to install aircrack 1.0 or higher. This is the link to his module.Be sure and thank him as well for it if you download it. And I thank you balding_parrot for allowing me to link to it and use it in my video.

@ balding_parrot:........Its a respect ting you know.


What do y'all think?? E-Z enough????
And will you guys who view my video do me a favor please if ya don't mind? IF YOU WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND YOU LIKED IT...please take a moment to post your likes / dislikes of it or any questions you have..and I WILL ANSWER THEM ALL. :-)

Depending on how helpful it is to others will determine if I keep these and other more advanced videos coming or not. Thanks for everyones support!!