Welcome everyone to -=Xploitz=- "E-Z Cracking WPA/WPA2 With Airolib-ng Databases" classroom. Today I'm gonna teach everyone who views this thread just how easy it is to cut the time it takes you to normally try to crack your WPA/WPA2 network with using aircrack-ng alone......IN HALF OR FASTER!!! How is this possible? Answer,...Airolib-ng. Airolib-ng gives you the power to create and fashion together 1 or several ESSID's and a password list,...and then "construct" them into a precomputed hash table with your ESSID pre-salted in the database that airolib-ng creates. In English..this simply means all of our passwords are gonna have our ESSID(s) "ingrained" in them ahead of time, which means a much faster attack! For a good picture of the difference..look at my video at the end...even though I used a VERY SMALL DICTIONARY(for time purposes)..I obtained a speed of 9117.85 KPS(Keys per second!!) VS Aircrack-ng standing alone at roughly 50-100KPS.

Now, the developers of the aircrack-ng suite have given the creators of cowpatty & genpmk a good run for their money. The reason I say this, is because...CURRENTLY as of todays date of 8-14-2007, the cowpatty program has failed to work with WPA2+AES, whereas Airolib-ng (Part of the developmental version of the aircrack-ng suite) has succeeded in allowing us to crack WPA2+AES with precomputed PMK tables.

Remember, you MUST HAVE INSTALLED SQLlite FIRST..then the aircrack developmental version!!! So just do the following in the order I have placed them and it will save you and me a LOT of headaches.

Download the following and install in this order...

1. balding_parrots SQLlite Module or download it from the SQLlite site.

balding_parrot's SQLModule at:

Or, download it and install it yourself at...

If you chose to do it this way (manually), then be sure you follow balding_parrots GUIDE HERE to the letter when editing the SQLlite's makefile, or you will surly fail.

Aircracks developmental version.
svn co http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/svn/branch/1.0-dev/ aircrack-ng
cd aircrack-ng
gmake SQLITE=true
gmake SQLITE=true install

3. And get yourself a COMPLETELY captured 4 way handshake.
If you don't have this handshake...please see my E-Z Video #3 "WPA/WPA2 Cracking Tutorial" in this section.

THIS VIDEO WAS INTENDED TO COMPLIMENT shamanvirtuel's Thread entitled, "Airolib-ng and cowpatty" seen here....

As his thread inspired me to make this video. :-)

I would also like to take time out to thank the following people for their help and support in aiding me with modules, inspiration, patience (that they all had with me and my gazillion questions...lol) , and good quotes from other threads that aided me.


Thanks guys for all the help and patience you had with me!!!

Also..before I post the link to the video,
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And as usual....enjoy all of my hard work, and ENJOY A GREAT QUALITY VIDEO made by .......Remote-Exploit.org's Master Tutorialist.

Now, enough chit-chat out of me. Please sit back and pay very close attention to this video. As usual, if there are any questions, please FEEL FREE to ask them, or comment on the video if you so wish. I hope you learn something from watching this video.

Heres the link to my video.

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And heres a thread that I made to share wordlist so you can have some ammo. Post em up if you got them, or just take some that the members and I have posted.



What do y'all think?? E-Z enough????
And will you guys who view my video do me a favor please if ya don't mind? IF YOU WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND YOU LIKED IT...please take a moment to post your likes / dislikes of it or any questions you have..and I WILL ANSWER THEM ALL. :-)

Depending on how helpful it is to others will determine if I keep these and other more advanced videos coming or not. Thanks for everyones support!! :-)