After my first video on module creation which can be found here I got so many requests for me to make more of them..... so I did (well one more for now to see if the demand keeps up).

Here is the second one.

In this short video I show you how to create a module from a directory structure, the example I use the rc.0 rc.6 shutdown patch for the eeepc explained in this forum. I chose this as I like my tutorials to have a practical purpose and that it made for an easy to follow example showing the basics that you can build on.

Just as with the other video and because of it's popularity, I am providing both an online link and a downloadable link, as I know that many of you like myself like to have a copy of video tutorials on your HDD so as you can view them anytime or anywhere you wish. I would also encourage you to download the video rather than view the online one, as the monthly bandwith available for online viewing is limited and that the quality is much better when viewed with something like VLC.

Video download. (preferred)

Online Video.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as you did the last one, and that it helps you to understand the basics of the topic covered, and also gives you enough information to go on to making far more complicated modules. I also hope you see past the simplicity of this process and realise just how powerful this simple process can be.