A small video tutorial that I did on gaining access to VOIP Networks using the SipVicious tool suite to make free phone calls.
This is the first video I have done so please give all the criticisms you have.
I know that there is no sound and lots of people like to have sounds and music with there videos.

Disclaimer: Use this information at your own risk! I assume no liabilities for your actions.

If you need info on setting up SipVicious see my other guide on it here:
SipVicious Guide

Ok now my target machine was a vmware player image of trixbox which is a PBX server that can handle VOIP.
As for how to set it up I will post a video and guide on it if anyone needs it.

Although done on an internal pentest network the principles will apply to any networks that you may find that have some sort of VOIP capabilities.

Have fun and let me know what you think.

Here are the video links.
Abusing Voip Networks

For downloading you can also go to here:
Abusing Voip Networks Download

NOTE: I saved the video in the ".mpeg" format and not the ".flv" format that blip.tv usually does.

To see the setup video see here

Thanks to Sandro Gauci
and to Pureh@te for the "VictimLuser" bit.