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Thread: [Video+Tutorial] How to: Snifff SSL / HTTPS (sslstrip)

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    Exclamation [Video+Tutorial] How to: Snifff SSL / HTTPS (sslstrip)

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    Enjoyed the video!

    You have the "Targets IP" as I am assuming this means that this is the IP of the computer being "attacked"

    So I put in (the target computers IP). Everything is good until the end result. I get:

    Listening on wlan0... (Ethernet)

    wlan0 -> (my mac address) 192.168.x.x (<- my IP)
    So, am I sniffing myself? Even though I put in and as the command? When I click yahoo and try logging in nothing appears in the Konsole in shell #3.

    How do you know if wlan0 is the correct word. How do you find this out? Maybe I need wlan1 or wlan2. Hope that made sense.

    When you type "clean" what are you pressing after? I tried to type clean but all I got was "command not found" So I am assuming you are hitting shortcut keys to clear the konsole.

    EDIT: I was able to get correct results on a LAN using eth0. Note: That ended up not seeing my own MAC address and got a different IP address.

    It says im sniffing

    Weird, but it worked! Now if only I could do it wireless. Should be the same thing just switch eth0 to wlan0, right?

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    Good. Now what are some ways that we could prevent this from happening? I was thinking a long the line of; firewall rules for private ip addresses that would whitelist only needed ports for LAN communication. Or, walk over to the next cubicle and punch an innocent employee instead of wasting precious monitor and/or keyboard.
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    nice thanks i will try .//

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