I used the inbuilt wireless adapter Broadcom 802.11g(bcm4xxx) on my laptop to capture handshake file. I ran aircrack-ng with some dictionary and it found the key. I wasn't able to connect to the wireless connection with the cracked password. Some days later i captured another handshake file and wasn't able to crack the password with my dictionaries. So I inferred a change of password by the owner. A few more days later,I captured yet another handshake file and ran aircrack-ng with my dictionary. Aircrack found the key. It was the same password i cracked the first time. I tried to connect with that password again. But yet again no access to the connection.(NOTE: I cracked the 3rd handshake within one hour of capture)Can there be problem with handshake?Does broadcom drivers give fake handshakes? I used Backtrack 3.Please help.