Hey all.
I am looking for suggested reading and projects to familiarize myself with using the tools in BT4.

Some quick background...
I'm brand new to BackTrack and these forums. I just graduate college, studied Computer Engineering (so I am well versed in everything from software down to machine code and processor design). I am now employed by a company that has me on a network / cyber security team, and I am training up to utilize my technical skills in conjunction with security.

So, I have only a bit of experience (yeah im a noob) with network security/hacking tools out there (ive used sniffers, scanners). And I am eager to learn a lot more. I have strong knowledge of networking hardware and protocols, and I hope to take that a step further into practical skills.

I am less interested in breaking Wifi (although fun, ive already done a bunch of that kind of stuff), and more interested in learning how to case a network environment from a remote location, in prep for pen testing. I know a lot of theory behind this but I am in search of a practical project / reading that can help me familiarize with BT4.

Thanks in advance for the advice, and I look forward to getting more involved with BT (maybe even using my coding skills to contribute someday.)

*another note: I am decent with linux, im no guru but its not at all foreign to me. if that influences suggestions at all.