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Thread: Sidejacking on wep networks?

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    Question Sidejacking on wep networks?

    I was wondering if it's possible to run a sidejacking session on a wep encrypted network for which I already have the key. So far the only way I've found was to run a capture session, then decrypt the captured packets and have ferret read them. What I want to know is if there's a way to actually decrypt the packets as they're captured so that it runs like a normal sidejacking session.

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    Default Re: Sidejacking on wep networks?

    I think airtun-ng is what you're looking for.

    Don't forget to start the tun driver by typing: modprobe tun before you start.

    usage: airtun-ng -a <AP BSSID> -w <key> <interface i.e. ath0, mon0 etc.>

    This will create an interface called at0.

    Leave the command shell open and open a second one

    usage: ifconfig at0 up

    Then fire up Wireshark and start capture on this new interface and voila, you should be able to read the traffic on that AP in realtime.
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