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Thread: HowTo?? Ath5k card1, madwifi card2?

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    My Laptop comes with two cardbus slots, and i own 2 wireless cards. Both are D-link but different models(both can inject). How am i able to make one of the cards madwifi and the other ath5k?

    Or even better, how can i make it that whatever card i insert for the top cardbus, it will be ath5k, and whatever card i insert for the bottom cardbus, it will be madwifi?

    Thanks in advance

    Can atleast one of my questions be answered for once?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akballow View Post
    Can atleast one of my questions be answered for once?
    What does your research tell you?
    Generally speaking if someone knows or cares they will answer.
    Either way it is best to search for ones' self.
    Try here
    two wireless cards in one machine - Ubuntu Forums
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