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Thread: Airmon-ng: Wlan0 Vs Mon0, Hmmm?

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    Default Airmon-ng: Wlan0 Vs Mon0, Hmmm?

    So, here's a question...

    As a standard act of paranoia, whenever I do anything with the air* suite, I always generate a new Mac addr first (macchanger -r wlan0).

    in Bt3, this was dandy. Change mac, then airmon-ng start wlan0 (Well, actually, it was 'rausb0' but nevermind) and away we go.

    However, in BT4, airmon-ng is creating a new virtual adapter (mon0) for me to use. Sweet, I thought, that's easier to remember than 'rausb0'. however, the macaddr of mon0 is my adapters real macaddr.

    Now, I tried using 'wlan0' with the suite instead, but that spewed about the adapter not being in monitor mode, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to either A) Get Airmon to work like it did before, instead of assigning me a new virtual adapter, or B) change the macaddr of mon0 after it's been created by airmon, or C) get this new mon0, but use the original wlan0 instead and pretend like mon0 is that 'special' cousin at the wedding who everyone avoids.

    Any ideas, flames, etc welcomed.

    As a side-note, no, I'm not a newbie to using BT, although I'm by no means a Linux Guru at all. I do know how to use the entire suite, I have checked the man pages I could think of, I have googled it, and I have searched the forums.

    - A.

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    have you tried
    iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor

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    ifconfig mon0 down
    macchanger -a mon0
    ifconfig mon0 up

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    Why not run macchanger on the mon0 interface?

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