hey there, i have searched in google and i have searched the forum and i cudnt find my answer so this is it

i have a wusb54gc and all i want to do is put rt73 driver on it so i can use it in backtrack 4, now i this device is very hard to install, i cnt even install it normally on my comp, i bought it brand new, but anyways, ive read some ways of doing it through backtrack
i downloaded the driver ran backtrack through live cd and typed in tar -xjf rt73-k2wrlz-2.0.1.tar but it cudnt find it, now wen i have the computer actually on wich is windows 7 legit by the way, do i have to say that driver in a certain place for backtrack to find it

plzzz help me
like a step by step or anything like that wud be fantastic

thank you for ur time