Hey guys,

Just a few pictures on how to mod a Socket Bluetooth USB Adapter (BL4543-734) to add a SMA connector for antenna's ETC. This dongle has been axed by socket so if you want one be quick !!! I don't see hardly any csr based dongles with external memory !! Took me days to find this one. I got mine from http://www.lambda-tek.com/components...prodID=B212145. They have 35 left but I've seen em on ebay and a couple of other places but most are sold out.

Here they are, its a pretty easy mod really. The ground is not ideal but I can confirm it works

^^ I know the r is missing out of board I'm not illiterate hahaha my keyboard is getting old and has too much dried sticky coffee inside !!!

This is just a little test with my amp. Red is TX and Green is RX. I wont post whats in the box because I'm not no electronics wizz and its a bit shody I remember all the stick xploits got over his wifi mod hahaha !!!!!!!!

And a little test to see if the dongle responds well to dfutool

And finally a quick video filmed on my shi*&y mobile phone testing this mod. I've got my last exam today then I'm able to go out and test distances ETC. I'm hoping to borrow a video camera from somewhere and film it.

Hae fun guys !!