Hi All,

I have a peculiar problem with BT4/Kernel and Madwifi Driver.

I use Netgear WAG511 Wireless Card for my tests.
I need to sent out DoS CTS/RTS 802.11 frames.

The problem with latest version of Madwifi driver is that the laptop hangs after sending control frames. (Like if I sent out say 100 RTS frames 2-3 frames would go out; and the whole laptop hangs)

1. I have disabled the ath5k and ath9k drivers and installed madwifi driver.
2. I tried installing a known working version of madwifi (madwifi-0.9.4) but gives error making the driver. (struct_net_device has no member)

It seems that the kernel has updated the code for driver/HAL which could not support the older madwifi driver.

The problem summary:
1. Has any one faced the same problem when sending out Control frames? And are there any possible quick, easy or dirty work-around?
2. I know this is a Ubuntu/Linux kernel problem, but any one has any pointers into how to compile the older version of madwifi (aka 0.9.4) with version of kernel?
3. Could I use the default driver ath5k/9k for sending out the frames? I use Lorcon for these; but not sure of how to configure the driver/interfaces; It says failed to create VAP if I use ath5k/9k

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Kiran