Hey Guys,

Been busy for a while now. Had some spare time on my hands so decided to pick up on some old projects of mine.

Thought someone might find this useful, so I decided to post Sorbo's xap2 toolkit with a few small modifications to allow them to run on x86_64 arch.

Sorbo's XAP2 toolkit for x86_64
MD5: 19278ECE180462C3C31E155866B1BFA1

Enjoy ...

PS: I know usb dongles with BC04-EXT chipsets are getting hard to get hold of now. So here's the dongle I'm using at the mo

Socket Scanning Companion, USB Bluetooth Adapter, USB Adapter, USB

I was also able to mod this adapter to add a sma connector. Haven't had tome to test distances and stuff. If the weather is good over the week in the UK I will try to get out and about to test a little more.

I'l post a picture of the PCB and how to add the SMA connector tomorrow.