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Thread: eeepc 1008ha

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    Smile eeepc 1008ha

    here is my five cents for today...eeepc 1008ha comes with an atheros right out of the box.

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    How did you get wireless working out of the box?

    I was able to get my backtrack 4 pre final installed today successfully on an SD card and I cannot get wireless to work.

    It doesn't seem that I have any devices defined... I had linux mint booting off the hard drive and on there I had to compile AR813 driver manually to get wireless running, however on here I tried that and was receiving compile errors (i can post more details if needed).

    If you could provide me some feedback or a finger in the right direction as to how you get everything working out of the box I would appreciate it greatly.


    Hope you are enjoying your 1008ha as much as I am.


    I made a simple mistake not realizing I could just start wicd manager and all is well on the home front!

    Sorry for asking a silly question.

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    Curious if anyone else has put backtrack on the 1008ha. I'm thinking about getting one.

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