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Thread: open source arpspoof in perl

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    Post open source arpspoof in perl

    Hey guy,
    I'm new in the scene and i started to work with BT4 Pre just to play a little...
    I started with MITM and came across the arpspoof command and it was weird to me that the command is binary and there is not code to it because there are so match more you can do with the arp frame when you break it down.

    I started to work with wireshark and saw the arp frames and i started to work on a little something in perl that build's the arp frame to your liking.
    unlike the arpspoof in the /sbin you can edit the $arp_frame_sender_mac and fake the source of the frame.
    meaning that you can make it look like the gw is the one who is sending the packets

    long story sort, i would like to submit it for the next version of BT as an open and more advance tool so i would like to know how do i do that?

    can you recommend a site that i could port a perl code and you be able to review?

    im working only with vm's and there as several bugs that i can't figure out so your experience and review will appreciated.

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    You can for instance use this site in order to share the code.
    Tiocfaidh ár lá

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    Exclamation Sorry it took me so long, Im sick :'(

    There you go :

    The code is a little messy in terms of outputs but everything is explained there
    Also there are no flags for the code it will be added as soon as i am better again and if ill see that there is a demand for this code

    as you can see you can manipulation every explained of the arp frame
    so have fun with the alfa version.

    You input will be very much appreciated

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