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Thread: Help i think im being attacked

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    Would be interesting if you can grab a screenshot of what "update" page is being shown.

    Also.. in desperation you didnt try to install the "update" did you.. ?

    just read u did not DL it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeven View Post
    umm any page redirects. also cant really connect via cable router to far wrt something gotta check its wireless G almost everyone has.
    its open....(i know i know, im putting a wpa its my brothers fault its kinda his shit his room he pays for it but now he blames me, he keeps it open for his wireless xbox connect) but it does seem like someone else is def ****ing with me n it stops n goes away.
    btw the linksys download page is very simple says security update please download and update firmware to continue web-browsing.
    but my main question is this
    i did NOT download it but is there anyhing else he can do to me? i mean can u give me a heads up of things i should look for
    Any sort of layer 3 and above man-in-the-middle attack you could possibly imagine will be possible if you are using a wireless access point without any encryption. So you should operate under the assumption that anything and everything you access from there cannot be trusted. Be afraid, be very afraid....

    Or you could save yourself a headache and get your brother to turn on WPA2 encryption. He should be able to get an XBOX compatible wireless connector that will work with this. If you don't have it on you're just asking for trouble, especially when it seems as though you live in a neighborhood full of douchebags trying to hack you.
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    Its telling you to update the firmware of the router thats definitely a problem.

    Have you tried resetting the router to its default config????

    Then setting its password to a strong password..

    Whats the model number of the router ?

    Dose it have a auto-update feature?

    Dose it have the latest firmware from Linksys?

    What about getting the latest firmware from directly from linksys via a safer alternate connection and manually updating it.

    Like by taking it to a buddy's place outside your attackers transmission range and reseting, updating and securing it.

    Dose a direct connect to the internet via the cable modem give the same results?.

    As far as your brother blaming you its his router so its his fault for not securing it.

    I suppose he Ignored every warning on the packaging and didn't really RTFM.

    Its not you that left the key in the door

    Boy that Sucks

    Just cause I don't have ten thousand posts don't mean I'm a newbie or a Idiot ! :cool: The only dumb question is the one you don't ask Google first! ;) The biggest problem I had as a Linux newbie was I didn't know to ask Google the right questions!:eek:

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    While I am in no way an expert in these matters, I agree that the likely culprit, as suggested earlier, is a rouge or fake AP. First find out if all internet access is being hijacked this way, use another computer. If i'm not mistaken, feel free to correct me, if the brother's xbox is using the connection for live, and all traffic is being redirected, he should not be able to access Live. It could however simply be redirecting certain traffic, HTTP, or be MAC filtered. Ensure that your computer is up to date, and clean. Also check the url you are being redirected to (the www address) and write it down, you can post it to us later.

    You could also check your What is it, the LMHOSTS/HOSTS file? That translates domain names to IP addresses. Clear them both out and try that. I don't know if this would help, but you could try connecting to a website through its IP address, which could let you know if the problem is DNS redirection, and then you could try the above.

    LMHOSTS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hosts file - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Once you know if other computers are affected, consider contacting the authorities.
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