Not specific to BT, but this is the most appropriate place to ask that I know of.

I'm trying out Ettercap - it doesn't work... target(s) are my main system - Win XP SP3 fully updated, and a Linksys AG241 router. Just trying to cap passwords from HTTP. Looking at their forum and from misc google searches, it seams Ettercap is a bit outdated. Explains why their CVS wasn't working! So, is there a more modern equivalent to Ettercap around?

Also after SpoonWEP sources... I use my lappy for general use as well, and it's a low spec lappy so I'm sticking to a minimal install so BT isn't appropriate - hence I'm just compiling stuff I'm after into my current setup. If only binaries are available, I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (CLI only install with xorg, xfce etc. - not a whole xubuntu install) kernel 2.6.24-24-generic.

Also, what's the go with Orinoco cards? I have a Lucent Orinoco Silver PC24E-H-FC - the drivers around are a mess. The Kismet website has a pre-patched driver tarball - compiling it has errors which from my googling are known problems... The stock Ubuntu/kernel drivers ('orinoco_cs') don't do monitor mode properly.