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Thread: Forum Content Manipulation Question

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    Can someone please tell me what piece of functionality/filtering/whatever is preventing me from posting acronyms in all caps?

    Specifically in:

    Rtfm should have been all caps. (Tried using periods and spaces to delimit with no luck)

    Disregard, I edited the post to be more verbose and it seems to have behaved this time.
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    Pretty simple, there's an option in vBulletin which is by default set to "uncapitalize" words
    that has f.ex. 3 or more big letters in them. An easy way to figure out the setting in this
    case is to write the following test sentences / phrases in capitalized letters.:


    Then I'm going to post it and check which will be changed...

    Strange... I guess it is turned off then xD I just remember there is such a functionality in vBulletin.

    About acronyms, I haven't tested thow it works with that, but it should be the same.
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