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Thread: Why shouldnt backtrack be my main os ???

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    Not so long ago I suffered a hdd crash, one day before a project deadline as Murphy would dictate, and in desperation used my backtrack usb external as a platform to complete the project.

    I've been running BackTrack as the "primary" OS, still on the external, ever since as I haven't had the time yet to install a new hlfs system.

    I have to admit I'm very impressed with backtrack , but have to admit that it does have some shortfalls when used as your primary development platform.

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    thanks again I apprecaite all of the views so except for the one troll but thats kinda normal.

    I used to have a message group called Argue-net to ban/kick all my trolls to when they would start being themselves in my beloved Fido-net on my BBS boy those were the days.... The fun of shoehorning 6 modems into one 386sx with only 2 com ports there was no such thing as freely available internet back then. just Arp-net at the university's

    I understand the not mixing work and play on the same machine ethic and have gotten a bit paranoid about security in my Old age thats one of the things that drew me to backtrack where better to learn about the millions of security holes in computers and networking so I can plug them.

    I've actually been here silently for a long time since backtrack 3 was released. I decided to come out of my shell because I missed allot of the long technical discussions that I used to have and I bought this laptop for just that reason.

    So If you can hack into my machine you won't find anything useful except for maybe my flash porn collection

    and if thats what your after you probably have a better collection than mine and should just ask so we can trade

    Thanks again

    Just cause I don't have ten thousand posts don't mean I'm a newbie or a Idiot ! :cool: The only dumb question is the one you don't ask Google first! ;) The biggest problem I had as a Linux newbie was I didn't know to ask Google the right questions!:eek:

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    I am very new to Linux. I got the hump with Vista so I tried Fedora with BT4 on live CD.
    Fedora is long gone and BT4 is installed as my primary OS with Vista hanging on for gaming.
    Believe it or not BackTrack was simpler for me to use as a noob than Fedora, every thing worked straight from install. I didn't need to install things like Firefox or compile drivers absolutely every thing worked video, sound networking etc.
    This is a testament to the dev' team who put this baby together.
    I love the look and feel of it... it's the dogs bollox

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    Right now I have Backtrack 4 Pre-Final as my main OS. I've got all the crap I need installed, VLC movie player, OpenOffice, it works a treat.

    Sit back for a second and think about how much you have customised your MSWindows setup in the past... now go and grab Backtrack by the balls and make it do what you want it to do. I've done lots of little stuff, such as changing the shortcut keys so that "WindowsFlagKey+R" brings up a Run Dialog.
    Ask questions on the open forums, that way everybody benefits from the solution, and everybody can be corrected when they make mistakes. Don't send me private messages asking questions that should be asked on the open forums, I won't respond. I decline all "Friend Requests".

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