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Thread: firefox extensions in bt

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    Default firefox extensions in bt

    Hi all,

    up to now, firefox browser in bt4 comes with some useful extensions (firebug, sql inject, noscript etc.)
    Please consider to add these extensions to firefox in bt4 by default:
    1. AdBlock Plus
    2. AdBlock Plus: Element Hiding Helper
    3. CipherFox
    4. CookieWatcher, Cookie Button, Extended Cookie Manager etc
    5. CustomizeGoogle
    6. FEBE
    7. FlashBlock
    8. FoxyProxy
    9. Safe
    10. SSLPasswdWarning

    Sure, this list is not panacea and I'd like to start discussion in this topic about other useful extensions.
    At least the FEBE extension installed by default would allow everyone to restore collection from some "personal backup".

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    We have lots of threads on firefox extensions. One of our moderators did a extensive study/talk on hacking with the firefox browser and covered like 60 extensions. We do not include more extensions for two reasons. 1. There are to many to choose from and please every one. 2. the more extensions you have the slower your browser in.

    Some people (ssuch as myself) prefer to use command line tools and keep their browser fast and snappy.

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