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    Default ALFA Networks AWUS036H

    Im trying to use my AWUS036H with BT4, while trying to crack a 128 bit wep key it takes a long time to do so. It took abouts 10 minutes to get 200000 packets, 30000 ARP, 12500 ACKs, at a suppposed rate of 500pps (which by looking at seems like 100 Packets per second).. So after 10 minutes and still wont crack a 128 wep key... I remember in bt3 i use to crack 128 wep in 3-4 minutes... This is a new install, do i need to patch/install a new drivers for it?? this is what im getting, even trying to crack 64 bit i get this:

    Thanks =)

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    First image there is problem.the aircrack window saying 26000+ weak IV's but in airodump window there is only 15123 Data Packets.I think you are capturing packet from one network and cracking some other network lol.correct me if I am wrong.also you have put AP far enough.try this attack without spoofing the MAC.

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