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Thread: How to determine gateway IP of AP?

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    Smile dhcp?

    Quote Originally Posted by lupin View Post
    We can generally make pretty educated guesses about whether a person is up to something dodgy based on what they are asking and how they ask it. Sometimes it takes some follow up questions to get a better feel for this, but we can usually tell. Yours is the kind of question that usually rings our alarm bells, but I think theres at least a reasonable chance you are trying to learn, so I'll give an answer.

    Gitsnik gave a good hint as to how to find this information, and I will give you another one. How do clients normally find out information about what IP Address, DNS server, gateway, etc they should use for a network? There is a protocol in the TCP/IP suite specifically designed for this. Its name has a four letter acronym, and if you hunt around the IP configuration for your Operating System of choice you should be able to find a reference to it before long.

    This could provide an active means of finding an address (as opposed to Gitsnik method which would be passive). Active and passive discovery methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, which I will leave to you to research...
    Thank you...yeah, I can see ya'lls point.
    4 letters...DHCP?
    I didn't think of that..since my network is with DHCP turned off, I only use static IP's on my internal network...and was thinking of it from that point of view.
    I'll start working on researching more in that area. I'm trying to learn networking now too. I know the acronyms, but, am still trying to learn the basics while I'm trying to learn how to pen test them too.

    Thank you for the reply and suggestions.
    Time to get to reading more!! I basically just wanted some direction to study as that I was stuck on what terms/protocols/apps to look at next.

    Again, many thanks for the help and hints. They are all greatly appreciated.


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    Don't make use of the program linked - whether it works for you or not (personally, I've found it useful at times) is irrelevant besides you learning to do it manually - which was the primary reason I didn't mention it or link to it in the first place.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cayenne View Post
    4 letters...DHCP?
    Yep. Most IP networks (apart from the very small ones) will usually have a DHCP sever enabled, so its generally a reliable way to find this type of information. You can use this for your purposes by either querying it directly (active) or watching the network for requests and responses sent by/to other clients (passive - and how much of this you see will depend on how you are "watching", and depending on the network you may have to wait a while to see a DHCP message)
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