Well I have been trying for a few hours so far and I am yet to succeed in booting BT4-Pre-Final.
So far I have checked the Checksums, they all match.
I have burnt at a low write speed and onto two different DVD+R's.
I have attempted to use Unetbootin to write the .iso to a portable HDD and found that it is incapable of installing a boot loader onto the Portable HDD's MBR for some reason.

So at the moment I have been able to half-boot to a Grub prompt where I am left with limited bash options and I can't seem to point it to the kernel image etc. to continue booting.
Can anyone lend me a hand in either building/writing a bootloader to my Portable HDD's MBR or can they try and shed some light on the situation?
Also, I forgot to mention but I have all ready tried it on multiple machine's it won't boot on any.


Edit: I have googled and searched the forum's sufficiently I am yet to find a working fix for any of these issues, all the same please try and shed some light.