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Thread: spoonwep and others wont capture

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    Default spoonwep and others wont capture

    Hello i seem to have a problem where spoonwep doesnt seem to capture data

    i set it going and all seems well but the #data and #/s stays at zero the beacon field goes up.

    any ideas anyone ?

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    Yeah, l had problems until l ticked the ATH box on the right. l'm using an eeepc with bt3 usb. lt works faster with the eeepc's atheros card l think, but even when l tried my rausb0 external adapter [l actually had to unplug and re-insert the adapter befor it was recognised] , spoonwep wouldn't fire up until l ticked the ATH box for some reason. Anyway, it's working great now and gets a 64 bit KEY in 5-10 minutes.Takes a bit longer for 128 bit [around 40,000 iv's].

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    Which wireless card do you use, how close to the AP are you and do you have MAC filtering enabled? Without any additional information like this you can hardly expect to get many helpful answers to your question.
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    This question suffers from a complete lack of information. Allow me to help you add some structure to this while also giving you some food for thought so that you may be able to find the information on your own...

    1. What card/ driver are you using?

    2. Have you googled your card + aircrack-ng to see if it supports packet injection?

    3. Have you tried just using aircrack-ng by itself?

    4. Does that work?

    5. Have you tried reloading the driver?

    6. Have you tried installing a different version of the same driver? (i.e. latest version or the version before the one you are using).

    I'm sure once you have gone through those steps you will find what you are looking for. Try going through these questions and finding the answer to each one on your own. The most important part of pentesting is being able to gather the information needed to accomplish your task. This is a good time to learn that skill.

    Also.... Dont forget to update your post with your solution. People put alot of time into posting tutorials and how-to's and often times those posts are buried with other posts asking questions on how to do what has already been demonstrated, so when you do find a solution remember the polite thing to do would be to at least link what helped you find success.

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    Default spoonwep and others wont capture

    Same problem here, help

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