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Thread: How do 2 clients comunicate, P2P networks..

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    Default How do 2 clients comunicate, P2P networks..

    I read the wiki on p2p networks and how they operate, but i dont understand... i do understand the tcp 3 way handshake witch does makes logical sense...

    How do 2 clients communicate with each other? Or how do 10 clients communicate with each other?

    later, i will run lime wire and tcpdump the traffic to analyze for a better understanding...

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    The key is, really, in the tracker. You connect to the tracker and get a list of peers that you can communicate with, these peers are generally opened up via NAT pinholes or UPnP, so it is just a matter of connecting to them (sometimes they are not, and generally this means you get a crap transfer rate because you have to piggy-back people who are not giving good upload, rather than getting as many people together as you like).

    Then it is just TCP and keeping your files in chunks.

    It looks more complex than it really is, just remember, tracker == list of IP's and ports.


    Edit: Before anyone gets into me, yes it is a little more complex than that, especially when you get into networks that share lists around and the like, but this was meant to gist.
    Still not underestimating the power...

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