i have an old Fedora 7 along with XP in my notebook. i decided to change Fedora 7 to BackTrack 4 pre-final.

i have a problem in installing BT4 in GUI mode. there has been a problem with the partition table so the partitioner fails to format / partition. so i try to fix the partition table using the command fdisk /dev/hda > x > v > f > w.

but then my Fedora 7's GRUB couldn't boot any longer.

i think that i'm stucked. i may fix the MBR to boot windows. but in the end i want to install BT4 pre final to my HDD, without the ability to use the GUI installation mode. i need to learn the manual boot, of course i've read somewhere but i don't get the commands, i'm afraid i will mess my box again.

so if some of you have some free time to explain how i can install BT4 manually, dual boot with xp and with GRUB installed on the MBR since my 'old' GRUB is messed...

Thank you.

oh sorry, my bad.

the GUI installation couldn't format the /root partition because i was mounting it. now, BT4 is up and running. my case is solved