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Thread: Session migrated to explorer.exe query

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    Default Session migrated to explorer.exe query

    In my lab at the moment I am concentrating on post-exploitation activities.

    So having exploited the box I have a session in on my attack box in meterpreter. I connect to the session and run keylogrecorder script which migrates itself to the explorer process and starts capturing the keystrokes I enter onto tmy victim.

    However I have noticed when the screen saver comes on (password protected) the explorer session respawns and the migrated session is now useless ?

    [-]Error running command ps: undfined method 'process' for nil:NilClass...

    Is there any way to re-establish the session other than re-exploiting the box, I realise I could use the scheduler or AT to run a script to respawn the session but I am trying to keep things simple - probably unreasonably so.

    My primary skill set is *nix - so I am guessing this is a windows "feature"

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    This is more of a question. Can you migrates to two process, like explorer and unserinit/winlogon

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