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Thread: Injection tool by Pr0xY v2.2.0

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    Default Injection tool by Pr0xY v2.2.0

    Injection tool by Pr0xY v2.2.0

    +         Injection tool by Pr0xY       + 
    +             Version 2.2.0             + 
    Examples to use: 
      *Mode(SQLi helper) : 
      *Mode(Blind helper): blind 
      *Mode(SQLi scanner): sis (automatic attack = 0 [0=false/1=true])* 
      *Mode(AdminFinder) : adminFinder 
      *Mode(FTP BF)      : FTPbf 
      *Mode(MD5 BF)      : MD5bf 
      *Mode(MD5 encode)  : MD5en 
      *Mode(Hex)         : hex 
      *Mode(Update)      : update 
      *Mode(about)       : about 
    Fast use: 
      -t        Is the target 
      -mc       Is the maximun columns to find 
      -p/pr0xy  Is the proxy for use 
      -c        Is the comment for the injection 
      -dt       Is the data base type(0=Mysql, 1=MSSQL) 
      -h        For help
    Helper options:

    Select an action: 
       0)Stop the scan 
       1)Get Databases 
       2)Get Tables 
       3)Get Columns 
       4)Dump data 
       5)Load file 
       7)Save structure

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