Good evening. I hate to be a bother but after several long hours of researching the issue I have been left this final option to reach out to those of a higher expertise.

I have installed by ways of infoscramblings' blog an SD persistent settings copy of BT4 pre-final and for the most part it has worked like a charm.

After several uses thereafter the initial setup (as well as installing Gerix-Wifi-Cracker and several non-network based ubuntu apps) wlan0 has ceased to load up.

I have already tried manually loading up "/etc/init.d/networking start" as well as trying to up wlan0 from ifconfig but to no avail.

I was wondering if there is any manual workaround to getting wlan0 back up or more so better - to get ath0 up.

I appreciate the time from those who managed to read this all and not think to themselves: "This fool need'st do moar research" or "FLAME ON!"