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Thread: Wireless card not showing up

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    Exclamation Wireless card not showing up

    Please need some expert guidance. I have the LanReady (Senao) 802.11b NL-2511CD-Plus PCMCIA Prism2/2.5 card and am running BT4 from dvd. According to the support list i need to use the hostap driver found on: . I am running a Dell latitude d600 which from the compatibility list is compatible. I downloaded the driver hostap.tar. What do I do to install it/get my card to display. I hope I provided all info necessary Any and all help is well appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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    Use the search at the top of this page. You will find a tutorial on how to install drivers. I promise

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    You won't get far with BT4, the issue lies in the fact that with the advent of mac80211 wireless stack incorporated into kernel and drivers are being pushed to be more compatible for the stack, the whole thing has gone really messy.

    The driver for your chipset is included already with backtrack however:
    1) orinoco_cs, hermes_dld, etc which is a driver for slightly different chipset tries to handle your chipset. It will work however the timings are incorrect and it will cause the card to malfunction + may cause system instability at worst case scenario.

    2) You will see more than one type of wireless interface listed. ethX + wlanX. ethX apart from your wired chipset(s) + other wireless cards that may use the same interface naming style (e.g. ipw2200, bcm43xx, zd1211rw, wl, etc) is actually the chipset using the hermes_cs driver.

    You will also see wlanX which is technically supposed to be your chipset using the proper hostap_cs driver. Removing the hermes_cs driver will not work as the ethX will still appear and the timing even if you use wlanX interface appears to be incorrect. So this is an issue with the driver but more specifically pci:id reservation issue that makes modprobe load both drivers. Blacklisting hermes_cs will not work, I have tried and there's no success with it. The only way is to patch it directly from the source and recompile the driver(s).

    3) I do not know and I doubt the driver is patched for injection, its an old driver that relies on ieee80211 stack thus an older kernel is usually favoured. If I were you I'd get backtrack2 as I believe it is the best working version for such legacy devices.

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