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Thread: Mouse Problem / Nvidia driver Confirmed ?

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    Default Mouse Problem / Nvidia driver Confirmed ?

    This is what I did in order:

    Kernal via using - BackTrack Information Security Distribution » BackTrack 4 Pre Final Kernel Update
    Confirmed it by using
    # uname -a
    -Then I tried installing nvidia driver:
    (while X is running, cuz thats the only way i can install/uncompile it while using a net connection)
    # apt-get install nvidia-driver
    -gave me a error of course cuz X was already running, so i:
    # reboot
    # apt-get install nvidia-driver
    everything went through fine, so then i needed to copy the the '' to /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
    # X -configure
    # cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    # startx
    booted to desktop. Everything seems to be working, except the mouse is acting like its clicking twice instead of 1 time, which is limiting the functionality. e.g: when i click on a window it auto maximizes it..etc

    How do i know that the nvidia driver is working, i did a benchmark on pyrit after the installs and the results didn't go any higher, actually it went down from a total of 826 PMKs/s to 200-300 PMKs/s.

    NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS (512MB)
    pyrit 0.2.3
    VMware 6.5.3 (using 1.GB RAM, 150.GB HD)

    Thanks..and yes i did do my research, other wise i wouldn't of got this far.
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    Excuse me asking, but did you manage to solve your problem with the mouse??

    I have the exact same problem and i cant seem to fix it..

    If you did could tell me how to fix it!?


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