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Thread: Finding WPA Key

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    Default Finding WPA Key

    I captured the handshake on my wireless router.

    I used a notebook to do this. I transferred the cap file to usb and then I am running ewsa (a wireless security auditor in windows) and a 2gb dictionary file. I am getting a flamming 25k keys a sec average. It does 40k until the computer starts to get hot. I can run through that keylist in about 3.5 hours. I've got a quad core at 2.5ghz and an overclocked gtx 9800.

    Sadly though after going through that giant wordlist it was not able to find the key. The wordlist was designed for wpa cracking and the program I am using is legit.

    The key is lade9633zan which I don't think is even all that complicated a password....

    I need some ideas!! Maybe someone could point me to better wordlists??

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    If that key isn't in your word list then it isn't going to find it. Doing a dictionary attack isn't the same as doing a brute force attack.
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    Yup, that's why it is recommended to mix numbers and special characters into passwords/passphrases since they won't usually be in a dictionary file.

    Maybe you should read up on how these attacks work in detail.
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