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Thread: bt4 + intel 4965 + wepbuster????

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    Default bt4 + intel 4965 + wepbuster????

    I have live usb with bt4 on it and intel 4965 wifi card.I'm a noob and I want to know what I must do that wepbuster work on bt4.How to add wepbuster to bt4..
    I have problem with wesside-ng it gives me "ERROR: Packet length changed while transmitting (42 instead of 30)." How can I fix this,how to patch it..

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    在這兩者之間 BackTrack是4 FwdTrack4


    You are posting the query in wrong section.this HowTo means how to do specific task time ask queries into right section.there is very imp. function of this forum-search.use it.

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    Cant you get a linux distribution of that package and download it and install it ?
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