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Thread: Can only acces text mode (from live dvd)

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    Default Can only acces text mode (from live dvd)

    I have created a live DVD which boots, but after I chose which mode to boot (safe graphic, graphic from ram, ...) it always seems to open the text-mode. Not the graphical one. At first I thought I picked the wrong mode of the list, but I tried most of them, non of them work.

    Since my laptop Amilo Xi 3650 P8400 has 2 hybrid video cards I thought that might be the problem (I had some issues with that on installing windows7 also), Hence I turned off the hybrid mode in the bios, trying again to get it working, again neither the internal independantly nor the geforce 9600m GT independantly seem to do the trick.

    Is this a driver issue? I'm a complete illiterate as it comes down to getting computers working outside of my usual windows setup.
    I would have guessed my graphic's card is pretty common though.

    Googled this for a few minutes but nothing interesting came up. What's happening here?
    Appologies if this is a mistake of the level of forgetting to plug your device in the grid or something.

    What can I do? It bothers me more that I don't understand the problem than the problem itself as I'm just fooling around with backtrack to gain some computer knowledge. I would be happy to know if it's hardware incompatibility. Then I know I didn't make mistakes.

    Have I posted this in the right section?

    Anyway thanks for the intell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanbag View Post
    Googled this for a few minutes but nothing interesting came up. What's happening here?
    Because we have this question every week, there is only one answer: TRY HARDER

    BackTrack Support Search Engine

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