I just updated my kernel to, following the instructions on the RE blog to the letter. When it got to the dist-upgrade, installing the nvidia driver, I got an error.
(EE) NV(0): G80 PROBE_DETECT unimplemented
The nvidia-driver installer also gives the output that it's putting my new xorg.conf in /root/xorg.conf.new. The xorg.conf is not updated to use the nvidia driver, it still uses the nv driver. Running nvidia-xconfig and then startx gives me the output that it can't find the kernel module "nvidia" and that no screens were found. Changing the driver in xorg.conf back to "nv" allows the x server to start. Forcing the old driver gives no problem when installing, but when the x server is started it complains that the kernel nvidia module is 190.18 and refuses to start.