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Thread: What are your "must have" tools for PC repair.

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    Ok cool, says its down. Is this the one on you're profile?
    Updated the link in my profile. DNS issue that never got resolved properly.
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    A Dremel Tool
    A Lightweight drill
    Sauldering iron
    Torx Screwdrivers
    An assorted set of rolls of wires and adaptors.
    A VERY bright lamp
    A Adhesives and cleaning supplies
    Common resisitors, capacitors, and other such things.

    My eee pc
    A Small insulated case of indivtual PIC MSU units (all ICSP compatble) and the PICKit2 programmer, about 20 MSU units with the small labels marking out the critical pins.
    A 16 gb Ironkey

    All of this is in a Steel Brefcase with a homemade Fingerprintscanner (not really but i cba to explain it properly)

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