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Thread: Anyone here a CISSP?

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    SephStorm is right. Dedicating you time and money to further your knowledge of computers is just the first step.
    At my current job, the previous IT supervisor had told me, that one of the many reasons why he decided to hire me was because I had told him that I was running my own Server 2003 at home and that I was pursuing higher and higher certs and never stopped learning. I had no experience in a corporate environment. I worked homes and small businesses as an on-call computer tech and network administrator. I was the main guy at my computer store for wired and wireless networks.
    While my colleague at the store taught me a lot about computer repairs and hardware, he had very little knowledge about networks. I moved on to a bigger company because of my certs and knowledge, and because my wife made me , but that's a different story.

    I would say as a final observation and comment :" Certifications will get you far and adding experience will get you even further."

    Of course, that is my point of view from what I've seen!

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    I can fully agree with both the previous replies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by godcronos View Post
    About putting experience first, here is a question: let's say you needed someone to drive a truck full of expensive merchandise from point A to point B and you had 2 options: someone with a driver's license and little experience or someone that said he had experience but no driver's license. Which one would you pick?
    I know your initial answer, Lupin, but now after the above example, is that you final answer!
    Neither of them. I don't think the market for truck drivers is that bad that those two would be my only choice for transporting my valuable materials.

    If I had to choose though, Id go with the guy with the license because its a legal requirement for the job. There is no legal requirement for someone working in IT to have a certification however, so I don't think that the analogy really applies.

    Setting aside the contrived hypothetical example however, I think the key point I was trying to make is that certain IT based certifications (and I don't actually mean all of them) taken on their own, are not a good indicator that a person can perform a particular task. Experience (as listed in a resume) isn't always a good indicator of this either (it can be faked, or a person may be relying on others to perform tasks in a particular job, etc), but its better than some certifications.

    So, if someone applied for a Windows admin job and had only an MCSE with no actual working experience, I wouldn't assume based on that knowledge alone that the person would be capable of the job.

    You mention that in your own case you got a job because you were continually pursuing new certifications in a quest to learn. I find that to be an admirable quality that I would look for in a new employee, but it hasn't been my experience that this quality is automatically possessed by those who have certifications. Some go after certs specifically to get a better paying job, and not to learn. So not only do some certifications not prove that you can do a job, they don't necessarily indicate that that certification holder has a desire to learn and get better at what they are doing.

    Obviously, because of this, hiring decisions shouldn't be made solely on whether someone has a certification or not, or whether they have experience or not. The decision has to also take into account their attitude and other personal qualities as well.

    The main benefit of certifications in my opinion, is that they help get you past the initial phase of the hiring process so you can demonstrate these other qualities in an interview.
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